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There are many ways to communicate with the MSC and its members. You can:

  1. Email our Membership Director if you are a prospective member and need more information (it is never too late to learn to sail!)
  2. Email or call other members of the MSC board. Board emails are available below. Phone numbers are available from the MSC Member Login.
  3. Join the online Yahoo Forum. (See below for details)
  4. Send mail to Moraine Sailing Club, P.O. Box 15120, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.


Board Member Contact Info





Javier Lopez


Cheryl Burmester


Flo Donnelly


Carla Costello

Race Director

Dean Marlin

Membership Director

Kelley Gresh Haller

BTB Newsletter Editor

Sandy Andrews

Web Director(s)

Brian Fox
Joe Shields


Ken Andrews

Community Sailing Program

Bill Paviol

Youth Sail Camp

Ken Sherwood

Property Director

Robert Kindelberger

Social Director

Sandy Andrews

Director at Large

Greg Madzelonka

Director at Large

Dan Goldberg

Director at Large

Wolf Goethert

Flying Scot Fleet 80 Liaison

Paul Rowan

Sunfish Fleet 294 Liaison

Ken Andrews

Puddle Duck Fleet Liaison

John Bridges


Online Yahoo Forum

To communicate with other club members, join the Moraine Sailing Club's Yahoo Forum. You can read posts online in your browser, or subscribe to it to receive new posts via email.

To sign up, simply:

  1. Connect to
  2. Click on the "Join this Group!" button near the top of the page
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by Yahoo.



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