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Community Sailing Program

The Moraine Sailing Club Community Sailing Program (CSP) is designed to help people economically enjoy sailing and sailboat racing at Lake Arthur by providing access to club-maintained sailboats.

As a member of a community sailing program, you share the use of community boats with other community sailing program members. It's less expensive than renting or owning your own boat, but you have to share the use of the boats with other community sailors and other Club activities. You also are expected to pitch in some time to help maintain the boats and equipment.

The MSC Community Sailing Program fleet consists of:

  • 5 Flying Scots stored on trailers
  • 1 Flying Scot maintained in a dock slip at the Davis Hollow Marina
  • 12 Sunfish stored on racks at Watt's Bay
  • 1 Escape stored on a dolly at Watt's Bay
  • 1 Hobie 16 Catamaran on a dolly at Watt's Bay
  • 1 Cape Cod Frosty
  • 2 Optis & 2 other small boats for junior sailors stored on racks at Watt's Bay

We have a web-based boat reservation system for qualified MSC Community Sailing members. To access it, select "Member Login" in the header of any page. After logging in, select "MSC Boat Reservation System". In the calendar that comes up, click on the desired date, and select "Add New Schedule" on the subsequent menu. Only the type of boat for which you are qualified will appear.

We ask new Club members to join the Club at the Basic membership level and upgrade to CSP upon being quallified to use the boats. Qualifications include demonstrating the 19 skills of US Sailing along with demonstrating specific rigging and de-rigging procedures for the class of boat. If you do not know how to sail (or need a refresher), your membership in the Club as a Basic member allows you to participate in our learn-to-sail program. See the "New Sailors" section of our Website for more information.

A set of program rules have been developed to cover things like initial qualification, use of safety equipment, and taking guests out:

CSP Rules of Operation

The program registration process includes an orientation to the program rules and equipment. Please refer to the Membership Application for information about fees.

For more information, or for help in getting registered in the program and qualified to use the boats, contact CSP Program Director listed on the Communicate page.

Rigging Guides for Current CSP Members

The following rigging guides are available in the shed as print-outs:






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