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Youth Sail Camp - July 28 - August 2, 2014

The MSC Sail Camp offers a week of learning to sail fun for youth members.

Registration is open! Read On for information on how to register


Youth sailors have the opportunity to learn the basics or refine their skills, moving from Optimists to Sunfish, and perhaps being exposed to other boats as well. They learn safety and seamanship. They also develop responsibility as they conduct themselves on the water and on shore, working with their peers and adults.

Our certified, volunteer instructors offer age-appropriate instruction using the US Sailing certification standards. While everyone learns at a different pace, we will be mailing all pre-registered students a copy of the US Sailing book Start Sailing Right. Enthusiastic students can often earn their Red Books in two to three seasons, more quickly if they are given the chance to reinforce their skills when friends or family sail with them after camp.

Returning students should bring their Red Books from last year. US Sailing has added an Intermediate-level certification. If we have the right mix of interested students and instructors, we will offer more skilled students lessons emphasizing performance, sail trim, and racing tactics.


If you are sending a kid to sail camp, you probably know that sailing itself is great fun. Yet for many of our returning sailors, the reunion with friends and the on-shore socializing is a large part of what keeps them coming back.

Each year, the club reserves the Davis Hollow cabin; instructors and their kids typically stay at the park. This year, we will also reserve the four tent-platforms there as well. We encourage parents who like tenting to consider sleeping over with their kids. There are also recommended campgrounds in the area, for those who prefer RV camping. (Please note: this is not a traditional sleep-away camp with counselors; campers must be accompanied by a parent or adult sponsor).

For the past two years, we all (sailors, instructors, parents, siblings) have taken an evening pizza cruise on the Nautical Nature. That activity is back by popular demand, and we are also looking to arrange a cook-out and bon-fire one evening at the Davis Hollow Cabin.

This year, our camp runs up against the Regatta at Lake Arthur. If you have never spend this weekend at Moraine, you don't know what you're missing: kayak and canoe demonstrations, sailboat racing, lego contests, live music, hot-air balloons, and ... of course, fireworks. We are looking for a way to involve campers in the Regatta on Saturday, either through a "floating parade" or perhaps through Sunfish and Optimist or Puddle Duck races.


  • Cost - Adults must be current Moraine Sailing Club members to sponsor a child to participate. The fee for participation is $130 per student, which includes a Red Book, camp T-shirt, and US Sailing textbook.

  • Swimming Ability - Sailors must be able to swim 50 yards in sailing clothes & footgear, with & without a lifejacket. Sailors should be comfortable around the water. If your child does not have sufficient swimming skills, we encourage you to enroll them in lessons this summer. We wear PFDs whenever we are near the water, but strong swimming skills are still very important for the safety of our campers. In addition, a young person without confidence on the water is going to be much less comfortable on our boats. All students participate in capsize-recover drills.

Location / Logistics

The camp will be held at Watts Bay on the North Shore of Moraine State Park, with parents and campers checking in at the registration booth near the Sunfish racks. Check in will begin at 9 am and continue through 9:20 am each day. As in the past, activities will vary from land based to water based activities designed to introduce and develop sailing skills in a hands-on environment. There will be a lunch break around noon each day, and then a return to shore and water activities for the afternoon. Saturday check-in may be on the South-shore of the park, where the Regatta takes place; details to follow!


Please apply early if you are interested in participating. The number of campers we can accept is limited by two factors: the number of boats we have available, and the number of instructors we have available. If you have a Sunfish or an Optimist which you can make available to Moraine Sailing Club for the duration of Sail Camp, please let us know.

The smooth operation of this camp depends upon parents who are able to volunteer during the week (whether as an instructor, an assistant instructor, a coach, a safety boat operator, or a helper with administration). Please indicate your availability.

The application process is in two parts:

Step 1.

  • First, please complete the online application Youth Sailing Camp 2014 Application

  • Second, make sure you have renewed your MSC membership for 2014!

Step 2.

Sailors will be notified by email in early April. At that time, parents should:

  • Remit a check for the registration fee

  • Send in the completed medical forms (emailed to you).

This year we anticipate admitting 25 sailors. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and coordinated with available boats and instructors. If spots remain open in April, applications will continue to be accepted until we are full.

For more information, please contact Ken Sherwood, Youth Sail Camp Director: or 724-465-9597

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